Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback
"Antony Farrell"
Fri Dec 11th, 2009
This applies to both the sector generator and individual system generation

Something else which could be useful

Asteroid Belts and Spacestations generated in systems not to be given names
like "Thing VII" for example they are not worlds and in my opinion should
not get this sort of name. For example in our system Mars is Sol IV and
Jupiter Sol V. AS would name them as Mars is Sol IV the Asteroid Belt is Sol
V and Jupiter is Sol VI. Shove a spacestation in called Sol VI or anything
else for that matter between the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter and Jupiter then
is Sol VII. Hope that is clear. Basically these type of bodies should not be
affecting the numbering of the other bodies in the system.

Perhaps also a minor alteration so that the new category of Dwarf Planets
can be incorporated.

Something else which could perhaps be used. When generating a random sector
allow input of the number of bodies in the sector and use the generator to
place them. Ie I want a spherical sector 150 ly across with 2500 "systems"
enter 2500 and the generator will create and place just that number.

Onto the generator itself. I have noticed that when using Clustered
generation it sometimes puts all the systems in one portion of the sector
and virtually nothing anywhere else. Perhaps the clustering is sometimes a
bit too strong? It does sometimes generate a lot of black holes and neutron
stars and I have yet to see a system produced using the giant stars. I think
most people would place these sort of things manually in any case.

I don't know if the system generation pays any attention to what has already
been created (probably not) but if you have a black hole or neutron star
(supernova remnants in anycase) then neighbouring systems need to be
reworked to account for the "blast" of radiation they received when said
body formed.

Nebula, is there anyway of getting light and dark nebula to show on the map,
I guess this means the ability to place actual 3D objects to represent them
into the data base. Perhaps a repository of a number of different shapes
with a marker point to place them with. These are the gas cloud types such
as the Horse Head nebula, not the thrown off nebula of dying stars.

End of rand. Sorry for the rambling nature.


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