Re: [nbos] wacom tablets?
Wed Oct 14th, 2009
I have a bamboo fun (Higher pressure ratings than the Bamboo, they didn't
have the other 3 models of Bamboo when I got it about a year ago.)
Size equivalent is about what the current one is. I don't have a ruler so
I don't know if it's actually the 6X8 I think it is or if it's the 5X7 the
one on their website is. I've used it tentatively in conjunction with FM
and it works rather well, though in other programs getting used to how a
tablet deals with pressure sensitivity does takes some time and I haven't
had the time to devote until recently. FM doesn't seem to care about
pressure sensitivity. The size is about as big as I'd want, and I prefer
taking large sweeping strokes when I draw so there's that aspect of
preference as well.


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