Re: [nbos] wacom tablets?
Tue Oct 13th, 2009
Good choice, the 4 is a professional grade tablet, lots of pressure levels.
Most people go for a 3 due to price.

Yeah, the eye/hand thing is a little more learning curve than most people
realize (like going from a mouse to a trackball, only harder). A good way to
break the curve is loading up a picture in
photoshop/painter/PSP/whatever-you-got and trace over the image, like
creating black cartoon lines over the image. I've tilted my Graphire tablet
to match my monitor a little better. I have a V shaped desk which held the
tablet up... not so good on my back tho. I eventually broke the habit and
got over the curve, you eventually just ignore your hand's location.

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> I ended up grabbing the Intuos 4 (small) -- just shy of 4"x6", for a 7"
> diagonal.
> I need more practice, but so far, I think I like it.
> Keith
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