Re: [nbos] wacom tablets?
Mon Oct 12th, 2009
I've used an older Wacom Graphire and a new Cintiq 12w (which has replaced
my Graphire, my kids use it now).
While there is typical control advantages, I have not seen any use for
pressure levels.
I found it a lot easier to make a copy of a map by tracing with the tablet.

But realize this, there is a bit of a time where you will need to train your
brain to coordinate with your hand/eye. So give yourself at least a week to
get used to it.

Cintiq's are expensive and overkill for just using it on FM, but you can
draw directly on the LCD. I use mine for 3D modeling (Zbrush, Hexagon,
Carrara and Corel Draw/Photoshop). A Tablet PC would be a cheaper choice,
tho it has less pressure levels it would be fine for FM and gives you the
direct pen-to-LCD advantage.

A small Intuos I would recommend. Contrary to belief, bigger is not better.
Bigger means more wrist movement and more work for your hand to do. Zoom is
your friend for intricate detail. Intuos pads also have programable buttons
on them and will work great for photoshoping.
BTW, the EVROPA map I did on NOX is done with my old Graphire.
Any other questions about Tablets, feel free to ask.
~~Richard K~~

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> Good evening,
> I've been thinking of buying a wacom tablet for a while. How well do
> they work with FM8? I've looked online, but haven't seen anything
> talking about it -- lots on using tablets with Photoshop, but google
> hasn't given me anything about tablets with FM8.
> Thanks,
> Keith
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