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"Robert Graham"
Sun Oct 11th, 2009
Well kinda pointless given i've already said i'm running windows 7 64 bit
edition :P

And actually it's not 'false'... here is how 32 bit works against 64 bit
just so you know..... and you can go and look this up if you want.

A 32 bit operating system is limited due to the way that it is set up 32 bit
integer which caps out at well 4 gig.. to allowing accesses to a total of 4
gig of MEMORY on a system at any one time.

That is not just the RAM on you Mainboard either but any memory that is
reported to the main CMOS and BIOS sections of your computer and expected to
be dynamically handled by the CPU.. this includes but is not limited to :

Random Access Memory on the Motherboard.
Video Random Access Memory on the Graphics Card.
Audio Cache Random Access Memory on the Audio Card.
Flash Access Memory on any other devices that work for cache or RAM like

What does this mean? Well it means if your 32 Bit pc (even on Vista or W7
not just XP) has 4gig of System ram, 1gig of Video card ram and oh 256 mb of
Audio Cache.. the System is definantly not going to use it all.. the most
common way windows adjusts for this.. Is well first off it will happly
report you have 4 gig of ram but it won't be using it all.. (most times
though it actually adjusts it down to 3.5 or even 3) but it generally will
give your Video Card ram access first, then your Audio Card THEN your system
board.. so out of that your going to have 2.75gig of System ram due to 1.25
being chewed by the Video and Audio.

And before you scream that is not true I suggest you go read the Papers put
out by both INTEL and AMD on the matter as well as Microsoft MSDN, and
serveral others because that = how the memory management works....

Also Most and notice I"m saying most Applications are limited in a 32 Bit
copy of windows to the hard cap of 2.5 - 3 gig of Memory avalible to them..
of that only 2 GIG will generally actually be real RAM the rest will be Swap
File.. because Windows generally likes to keep about a gig for system


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>The main reason you'd need a 64 bit after XP version of windows is if
>you have more than 3 gig of ram. XP cannot use more than that, even in
>64 bit. It came out before the current huge RAM sizes were really
>If you hav 8 gig like I do on my desk top, and want to use it all under
>windows, you have to have either vista or 7 at 64 bit.
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The above statement is partly incorrect. Both the 32 and 64 Bit
of Windows XP will in fact make use of more than 3GB (or 3.3 GBs to be
exact) of RAM. Both the 32 and 64 Bit versions of Windows XP will make
use of up to 4 GBs of RAM. I'm running 32 Bit XP with 4GBs of RAM and when
I look in the BIOS it reports the 4 full GBs of RAM. However, the Windows
32 bit version *will only report 3.3 GB's of RAM. This incorrect
reporting by the OS was done via a patch purposely released by M.S. Many
businesses are still using older programs that can't deal with memory
addresses above the 3.3 GB range, and since many of said programs stopped
being patched by their creators long long ago - M.S. simply patched the O.S.
to fib and tell these older programs what they wanted to hear. The XP O.S.
still makes use of the upper address ranges. Having run XP 64 bit as well,
it should fully report 4 GBs of RAM if your system has that much since any
of the programs designed to handle a 64 bit environment should
fully be able to deal with the increase in memory address ranges. If you
are going above 4 GBs of RAM, then you're going to want to look at a 64 Bit
version of Vista or Windows 7 to get the most performance out of your
hardware as the original poster commented.

Hope that helps,


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