Re: [nbos] FM and large file sizes/prints
"Robert Graham"
Thu Oct 8th, 2009
No no I am asking if FM8 can handle it

I actually am a MSDN user so i have access beyond vista and CC3 is dumping
out and i'm looking for new software that doesn't have it's issues.

Mark got what i meant from memory Mark has had the same issues with CC3.

Basically CC3 is causing me nothing but problems and despite spending a lot
of money on it and it's expansions the responces i get from profantasy are
considerably hostile both on it's issues with anything to do with
Vista/Windows 7 and or Large scale printing down to them actually trying to
ask what machine i'm able to produce 5mx5m raster output images on even in
photoshop etc which well i can do on a 32 bit machine let alone the 64 bit
machine i am on.

What I want to know from ed is if FM8 will enable extremely large exports to
file, or if it's going to hit the same limits i'm experiencing with CC3
because well I definantly no longer have the 'beta' copy to go test it
myself given i'm on a new machine and I definantly am not going to fork out
more and more cash only to keep running into the same limits as I have with
software I already own.

That and honestly I am -NOT- downgrading to XP windows 7 and vista have
worked fine for me and i shouldn't have to run xp with software that is
meant to be current.


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Subject: Re: [nbos] FM and large file sizes/prints

Hey gents. I am jumping in this convo halfway through, so I apologize in
advance if I say something that has already been said.

It is true that XP can only address about 3.25-3.5 Gigs of Ram max. There
is no getting around that. However, by default, WinXP only allows 2GB of
ram max per application instance. So, if you are hitting a memory limit
with FM8, its more than likely the 2GB limit.

It is possible to push this 'per application limit' out to 3GB per app by
use of the 3GB switch:

Dunno if that will help, but is has helped me avoid Vista for some of my
more memory intesive stuff. Another 'solution' that might work is to switch
to Ubuntu, although I do not know if anyone has gotten FM8 to run under

-Dave L

On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 2:43 PM, Mark Oliva <>

> From:

The main reason you'd need a 64 bit after XP version of windows is if you
have more than 3 gig of ram. XP cannot use more than that, even in 64 bit.
It came out before the current huge RAM sizes were really feasible. If you
hav 8 gig like I do on my desk top, and want to use it all under windows,
you have to have either vista or 7 at 64 bit.

Exactly. I'm by no means a Vista lover, but I have to have it available for
software testing. Most of the time I use Windows XP Pro and in the coming
year I'll be slowly phasing into LINUX with a full conversion goal of
October 2011.

The point is that some "big things" in FM8 won't work with Windows XP,
because of its limited memory addressing, as explained by bedlamandmayhem.
The operation ends with an insufficient memory resources message. I've seen
it many times. My machines have 8 GB RAM. Windows XP can use only about
3.7 GB of the 8 GB total. When FM8 gives me an insufficient memory message,
I (very reluctantly) reboot into 64-bit Vista, where I have all 8 GB memory
availble and the operation that XP couldn't run performs like a snap.

It wasn't my intention to promote Vista (which I consider to be a godwaful
OS) but rather to warn Rob Graham that he might need a 64-Bit Vista or
Windows 7 OS and 8 GB RAM to do what he wants to do.

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