Re: [nbos] FM and large file sizes/prints.
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Oct 8th, 2009
Hi Robert:

I now use FM8 as a major contributor to my mapping activities. I don't
know if you recall the old controversies over CC2's uphill learning
curve and the interface not being "intuitive". This is definitely not
the case with FM8. The results from both programmes are comparable but I
have never attempted to print large sizes - A4 has been the largest so
far. However, I have printed a large map on several A4 sheets and joined
them together to make a larger map. FM8 did the job extremely well and I
didn't find it difficult to achieve. You can select an area of the large
map for printing as the first A4 map and then print the next one
selecting a different A4 area. I know that's not what you are asking but
it does indicate a flexibility in FM8's printing operation.

I have used FM8 under Wine on Ubuntu Linux and it runs perfectly well
although you do need to copy a .dll file or two into the folder so that
the bitmap fill files work properly. However, I don't own Vista,
probably never will and have no intention of providing Mr Gates with a
contribution to yet more billions by investing in Windows 7. XP Pro has
served me well, doesn't have issues with any of the software I own and
does everything I want. The virus protection software I use (Avast) is
free and has dealt with every threat I've encountered, so XP's notoriety
for undergoing attacks from hackers has not so far affected me (I hope I
don't regret having said that!!)


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I'm gonna ask this here cause I figure others might be intrested as

I've not used FM since i beta'd the latest version and honestly I never
thought to try this because I was using CC3 for my mapping at the time
but how well does FM handle large printing and export sizes ? I'm not
talking an A4 page but heavy duty 5m map sizes at actual proper printer
quality DPI (150 - 300 DPI).

At the moment I'm seriously looking for software that is:

1. Capable of doing effects and bitmaps like CC3 can.
2. Capable of running on Vista / windows 7 with out crashing and
with out me having to jump through hoops to get it to work.
3. Able to produce large size images for high quality prints in
the 10k or so region (if you understand print DPI resolutions you
understand why this is required) or has adjustable export DPI options.

The reason being that I'm getting a little tired of CC3's limitations
and crashes and then being told i'm expecting to much from the software
even if I'm expecting it to actually you know do what they advertised
which is allow me to produce high quality print maps so I'm seriously
looking at new software and FM is the only other software I know that
comes close unless I want to spend time making a ton of symbol libraries
and do everything in Illustrator.

-Rob Graham.

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