[nbos] FM and large file sizes/prints.
"Robert Graham"
Wed Oct 7th, 2009

I'm gonna ask this here cause I figure others might be intrested as well..

I've not used FM since i beta'd the latest version and honestly I never
thought to try this because I was using CC3 for my mapping at the time but
how well does FM handle large printing and export sizes ? I'm not talking an
A4 page but heavy duty 5m map sizes at actual proper printer quality DPI
(150 - 300 DPI).

At the moment I'm seriously looking for software that is:

1. Capable of doing effects and bitmaps like CC3 can.

2. Capable of running on Vista / windows 7 with out crashing and with
out me having to jump through hoops to get it to work.

3. Able to produce large size images for high quality prints in the
10k or so region (if you understand print DPI resolutions you understand why
this is required) or has adjustable export DPI options.

The reason being that I'm getting a little tired of CC3's limitations and
crashes and then being told i'm expecting to much from the software even if
I'm expecting it to actually you know do what they advertised which is allow
me to produce high quality print maps so I'm seriously looking at new
software and FM is the only other software I know that comes close unless I
want to spend time making a ton of symbol libraries and do everything in

-Rob Graham.

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