Re: [nbos] [AS] Traderoutes V3
Dustin Evermore
Mon Oct 5th, 2009
I really like it.

The way I use it is to map "known" hyperspace routes, as well as the
most used routes. The setting I use for my games is Star Wars, and in
that setting, getting from here to there requires knowledge of what
celestial bodies are potentially in the way, where they are based on
time of year, etc. so that hyperspace routes are normally only plotted
between known systems that have updated data.

Knowing also what jumps the PCs make along the routes helps me see
what systems are "frontier" or likely to hold bandits or stellar
hazards. Honestly, I wouldn't even make a starmap without a tool like
this to help me.

Thus, having these "trade routes" marked on my starmaps in sectors
that I design myself, helps me shortcut a lot of make-work!

As for suggestions for improvement, well it works the way I want it to
for my purposes. :)

D Evermore

On Oct 4, 2009, at 12:04 PM, Shade Tree wrote:

> I wrote this little script a while ago and it's been downloaded 900+
> times and has a 5 star rating. I was kind of pleasantly suprised by
> this.
> Anyone using this on the list that can tell me what needs to be
> improved or added. I'd love to do some more work on it if needed.
> Thanks.
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