Re: [nbos] Symbol Pack
NBOS Support
Tue Aug 25th, 2009

At 11:07 PM 8/23/2009, you wrote:
>I had a copy of FM7 a few years ago, and I've recently picked that
>project up again. I just bought the FM8 upgrade, and that appears to
>be working right. However, when I open my old files, I'm seeing that
>the hills, etc. are missing.

Are *all* the symbols missing, or just the ones from the symbol pack?

If its all of them, grab the latest FM8 update. There was a problem in the
earlier builds when certain directories had some unusual permissions/file
system options set that prevented the symbols from being shown.

If its just the ones from the symbol pack, you should be able to
reinstall the symbol pack again, and it will be installed into the FM8
directory. You can also try re-downloading the symbol pack from the vendor
you purchased it from (assuming its not on CD), and that package should now
also have an FM8-specific installer for the symbol pack..


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