Re: [nbos] [AS] - Generate System with at least one earth like planet
"Walter M. Scott III"
Wed Aug 12th, 2009
> No, because most systems cannot support an Earth-like planet.
> To add one manually, select a planet/body in the star's orbit
> in the System Data tree, and right click. Select "Insert
> Body - Planet/Moon - Earthlike" from the pop-up menu. That
> will place an Earthlike planet at an orbital position in
> between the selected body and the body next closest to the
> parent object. There's still no guarantee that it will be
> truly 'Earthlike'. Just that the size & atmosphere will be
> right. If you put it 150 AU away from a red dwarf, for
> example, it'll be frozen over. You'd then have to manually
> set the temperature.
> Ed
Ok, thank you very much!

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