Re: [nbos] [FM] Tell me what I'm doing wrong
"Mark Oliva"
Sat Jul 25th, 2009
> From: Gary Jackson <>

1. Your problems leave the impression that you're working with a pre-patch
version of FM8. The layer problem that you're describing was resolved long
ago, if it's the real layer problem you're having rather than a
misunderstanding of how FM8 layers work. Click the menu options Help and
About. If you have something other than Version 8.10f, Build 1380, download
the current patch from . Also make sure before placing
buildings on the map that you've picked the layer you want in the combo box
in the top symbol toolbar of FM8. Checking a layer under the Map/Layers
options does not set the active layer. Picking it with the combo box does.

2. Try opening your map and immediately click the menu option Map. Click
the dropdown menu option Display Quality and choose Highest. If you are
using special effects and that still doesn't give you the quality that you
want, click Map/Display Quality again and choose Special Effects - Medium
Res or Special Effects - High Res.

The essential problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way to lock a

3. If you learn to use FM8 well, you'll find that layer locking is
unnecessary. Often, when working with a new software program, we expect it
to work in a certain way. We have a tendency to get irritated when it
doesn't. My company has been producing software for a long time and
training people in the use of software just as long. If you want to get
into a successful and productive groove with a new software program as
quickly as possible, set aside your pre-conceptions and instead learn how
your new program takes you to the goal that you want to reach. After
awhile, you'll sometimes even find that the software designers built a
better mousetrap than the one that you thought should have been there.

Nevertheless, buildings are being put in the general layer, which is also
marked unselectable.

4. This illustrates part of what you've done wrong. You haven't learned
that Unselectable means you can't activate the object, not that you can't
place objects on the layer.

5. If you want to work with FM8 with the great satisfaction that many of us
here enjoy, rather than the frustration you're having now. do the following:

a. Go to

b. Click the menu option Resources.

c. Above the box named Items is a page selector. Click Page 5. Go
down the list to "Fractal Mapper 8 Tutorial PDF - 18.38 MB."

d. Download it.

e. Work your way through this tutorial. It'll take you about two days
time. It's one of the best software-manufacturer-produced tutorials I've
ever seen. That includes the tutorials that I've written myself. After
you've finished it, you'll be on the threshold of being an FM8 expert. Then
you can spend your time happlily making excellent maps with relatively
little effort rather than being frustrated.

5. The biggest thing you did wrong (in answer to your question) was to work
yourself into the following corner:

So far, all my attempts to make things in Fractal Mapper have ended in me
closing the program in a frothing rage. <SNIP> This makes me so angry I
could spit.

Instead of frothing and spitting, it would have been far more sensible to
write an E-Mail to Ed Diana at:

Try it sometime. You'll be amazed at how quick Ed will take you out of your
problems. I know of a few other software companies that can match the
quality of NBOS support, but I know of no software producer that does a
better job of it. If you had taken this step, you probably would be happy
making the excellent quality maps FM8 can produce rather than frothing and

Happy weekend,

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