[nbos] [FM] Tell me what I'm doing wrong
Gary Jackson
Fri Jul 24th, 2009
So far, all my attempts to make things in Fractal Mapper have ended in
me closing the program in a frothing rage. Basically, the problem is
the way Fractal Mapper mishandles layers. The essential problem is
that there doesn't seem to be a way to lock a layer. I want to be
able to prevent all modification to the layer, but all we get is
making objects unselectable. The very worst example of this is the
reason for my writing this missive: I'm trying to put buildings down
on the map in the building layer. The building layer is the one
selected in the toolbar. Nevertheless, buildings are being put in the
general layer, which is also marked unselectable. This makes me so
angry I could spit.

I have other nits to pick with the interface. However, this is the
deal breaker for me and by far the cause of the most frustration. At
this point, I feel cheated out of the money I spent on this program.

Also, I have some recommendations for the next version:

1. In this day and age, I don't think expecting anti-aliased screen
output is unreasonable.
2. The non-bitmap map symbols look awful when zoomed out. Perhaps
this is related to the first suggestion.

Gary Jackson
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