Re: [nbos] [AS] Non-Specific Questions About AstroSynthesis
"Richard K"
Sun Jul 12th, 2009
Is a sector ever complete?
I generally work in small chunks and then import into a larger region.
Read my tutorial pdf on nox:

Some general advise (take or leave it):

Reasons why I work in Astro this way is because smaller clusters are a lot
easier to manage and you really don't need filler content in the way as you
are editing your campaign. If you know the coords system (x, y, z) it will
help a lot. The import sectors feature can be a powerful editing method as
you can replace data with updated versions of your systems.

Many have opened up Astro and decided to churn out the largest sector they
can... which is ok, but leads to an editing nightmare at times. I work with
3D programs and I guess part of my madness/methode requires me to organize
things on the 3D plate... if you cant see it in the view of the camera,
don't put it in, there's no point of letting more poly's chew up your RAM or
calculate needless light bounces while rendering.

As far as RPG's go...
1. Generate systems only relevent to the Empires you create. You can add
"filler" later.
2. Don't generate "filler" systems until needed. Just the basics of they
Star type is fine. Generate the data when you know that its the destination
of your players.
3. As a general rule, players never go where the GM wants them to. So adapt
and save yourself a lot of pain and frustration.

As a Novel/Writer organizer...
Generally follow the rules as above, you have more control over your
antagonists and protagonists and "filler" systems generated on the fly can
actually kick your creative flow into action as you intoduce uncertianty and
spontanious reaction to your randomly generated "discovery".

My apologies for spelling errors, my Outlook spell checker died weeks ago
for some unknown reason.

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> Greetings,
> I've been tinkering with AS for a few months and based on my experiences
> with the program I have some general questions for the AstroSynthesis
> community members.
> What was the radius of the largest spherical sector you've ever had the
> patience to create, with all the system information creation options set
> (populations, non-planet bodies, et al)? How much time passed before your
> sector was complete?
> Has anyone continued work on the XML Import and XML Export scripts?
> Is anyone doing work with Traveller 5 and AstroSynthesis?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Carl
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