Re: [nbos] [AS] Binary Star Systems
Daniel Williamson
Thu Dec 7th, 2006
What I ended up doing was adding a multiple star system at the first child level and made both A and B children of the multiple star system and the far distant planets, also children. The problem with this arrangement is that you cannot take a look at the system diagram on multiple star systems. I'll change it to a marker body and see if I can see anything. Messing up the system contents generator is fine. I already generated the system contents and then removed planets that would not actually be gravitiatonally stable according to my rules of physics (its a game, I can make them suit my needs).

Ideally I'd like to be able to use the system display to see the two stars orbiting each other and the planets each star individually and the gravitational center to get a grand overview of the system.

Also, I'd like to see AU used as the display orbital distance for top level children at least. Or is there anyway that I can change it in the display manually?



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>I'm not really satisfied with the results. I'd like to set A and B as child
>bodies of the center point with several planets also orbiting the center
>point as child bodies. Any ideas on how I could do this?

When Astro generates planets that orbit the whole system like that, it
assigns them as planets arond the main (largest) star.

If you really want some center point, you can add in a marker body - maybe
set the system data fields so that it shows up as 'barycenter' or something
in the system data display - and then add both the stars and planets
beneath that. That may mess up the generator though if you try to generate
system contents underneath it, so I'd make adding such a marker the last step.

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