Re: [nbos] [AS] Sector Generation
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Tue Jul 7th, 2009
> I was leaning towards the unwieldy side of the fence, myself, but I
> thought I'd check and see if my problem was isolated or not.

There are no hard and fast limits to the size of a sector astro can make.
As the sector is generated it saves the sector to a file to keep the ram
usage down. If it cant do that for some reason, you'll get what looks
like a single 'slice' of the sector created.

Keep in mind, a 1000x1000x1000 ly map is bigger than you may think. A
100x100x100 map, on the lowest 'even' density makes about 50,000 systems.
Multiply that by *1000*, and thats what you'd get on a 1000ly map. If you
use the 'clustered' algorithm, you may get fewer systems, but its still
going to be unmanageably big.

> Now, I just need some good algorithms to recreate random placement of
> systems in the Milky Way...

There arent any, really. The density and how everything is combined is
going to depend on what part of the galaxy you're trying to model. If you
want real data, there's a number of data sets on nox. But otherwise,
whatever algorithm you make will probably fit some part of the galaxy.

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