Re: [nbos] [AS] Sector Generation

Tue Jul 7th, 2009

---- Dustin Evermore <> wrote:
> On Jul 6, 2009, at 4:58 PM, Cam Kirmser wrote:
> > I hope I'm doing this right, but here goes...
> >
> > I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or not. When I attempt to
> > generate a new sector and have AS generate random stars, it works
> > fine if I have the sector about 100ly radius or so.
> >
> > But, if I make it 1000 ly radius, it only creates a small clump of
> > systems clustered around the extreme negative end of the X-axis.
> > It's a rectangular clump, so I suspect that there is something
> > restraining systems from being generated outside some sort of limits.
> >
> > Is this a limitation of the software?
> >
> > Thanx!
> >
> > Cam...
> I have run into this, too, but I had assumed that I was out of memory
> of some kind; stack, RAM, whathaveyou and that it was likely some
> limitation in my machine (XP Pro running on VMWare Fusion). Since I
> can create "master" star map with regions and then import sectors into
> those regions, I decided it wouldn't be a problem for me.
> Don't know if that helps, but truly, dealing with the number of
> systems that could populate a 1000 x 1000 x 1000 ly chunk of space
> might be really unwieldy. You might consider just putting down markers
> for the main sectors of that space and working on a smaller chunk at a
> time.
> D

I was leaning towards the unwieldy side of the fence, myself, but I thought I'd check and see if my problem was isolated or not.

What I'll do, then, is use Access to create the metrics for the stars I need and then import the result into AS.

Now, I just need some good algorithms to recreate random placement of systems in the Milky Way...
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