[nbos] [AS] - Generate System - Keeping Star ?

Mon Jul 6th, 2009
Hi, I just bought AS (nice product) and am getting into the scripting.

Is it possible to generate a system and still keep an existing star using script?

I've looked over any example I can find and they use either RandomSystem, or QuickGenerateChildren, the only difference between these that I can see, is QuickGenerateChildren will prompt you for confirmation, but both of them blow away the star and creates a new one and associated planets.

Now from within AS, I see a menu option that will create a system for the star without destroying it first. 'Generate System Contents' Is there any way of accessing this functionality?

Also, I cannot find any information on RandomSystem or QuickGenerateChildren in the AlienAPI, which begs the question, what other functions are not in the API, and were can I find out a complete list?



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