Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 Flood fills
Thu Dec 7th, 2006
Fabulous! Can I ask what objects it sees as 'boundaries' for the area to be
filled? For example, if I draw coasts on one layer, rivers on another, and
political boundaries (that are neither coast nor river) on still a third
layer, will the flood fill 'see' all three of these and fill the appropriate
area? I assume it ignores map symbols.

Another issue: how accurately do I have to close off the area? I'm guessing
we'll have to be sure to have 'Snap to node' and 'Snap to intersection' on
when bounding things, or risk having the fill 'leak through' some micro gap
and fill more than we intended.

And on that point, I'll re-nominate the feature I, personally, would most
like to see added (beyond what you've already thrown in which, I have to
say, has whittled down my wish list considerably!). Is it possible to change
things so that 'Snap to node' work when you are dragging a pre-existing
node, instead of only when you are adding a new node? Man, that would make
some edits a whole lot easier.

Thanks for the previews, Ed!


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Here's some info on FM8's flood fill feature. Political boundaries will be
a heck of a lot easier to create!

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