[nbos] [FM8] Vintyri Symbol Set 2 released
"Mark Oliva"
Thu Jun 25th, 2009
Symbol Set 2 of the free and open Vintyri (TM) Cartographic Collection of
raster mapping symbols now is available for download. This set includes 349
symbols in 10 catalogs with a total download size of 121 MB as well as a
38-page PDF that tells you how to install Symbol Set 2 and gives you tips on
how to use it. Together with Symbol Set 1, the Vintyri Cartographic
Collection now compises 467 raster symbols for mapping cities, villages and
other settlements. Of course, more symbol sets still are coming in the
Vintyri collection. In a departure from most of our work, the symbols in
this set are not always based upon specific historical buildings in Europe
but rather are based upon aerial rooftop photos of preserved Middle Ages
quarters of some European cities. There's a reason for this. In Symbol Set
1, we gave you the kinds of walls and towers that surrounded a Middle Ages
town. In Symbol Set 2, we wanted to give you the opportunity to quickly fill
out the area inside of those walls. The buildings in Symbol Set 2 along with
the parts and externals in the set can be used to make almost any kind of
building your fantasy RPG map needs. The PDF booklet tells you where and how
to find additional structural parts that aren't in our collection. With this
set, you should have little trouble making any building you need. Future
symbol sets will concentrate mostly upon specific historical models. Symbol
Set 2 consists of 4 catalogs of base buildings, 4 catalogs of generic
buildings and one catalog each of parts and external structures. The base
buildings are simple roofs with crests. It's up to you to add the chimneys
and other parts you need. The generic buildings are complete, ready to use
structures that also can be modified through the use of additional parts.
The last two catalogs give you parts and external structural elements to
make such modifications.

To download the free symbol catalogs and the free PDF booklet, go to:


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