[nbos] [freq] Z-order manipulation
Thu Jun 25th, 2009
Hi Ed,

When changing Z-order (front to back, move to back, etc.), it appears
the selected object gets moved back one step at a time, compared to all
objects on the map. This means it can take a long time to get things
into position.

I think normally when someone moves an object back (for example), he
doesn't want to move it back compared to something on the other side of
the map, but compared to the items that overlap it. For instance, last
night I was trying to get a polygon behind a river (from the same map I
posted a link to with the feathering question, as it happens). I ended
up leaning on the ^B for a while pushing it back, because I'd drawn the
river some time earlier. Going the other way (sending it all the way
back, then inching it forward until it was in front of the landmass)
would've been about as bad.

Can the Z-ordering functions be changed so they move to the 'other side'
of objects that overlap the one being moved? I believe that would be
much more efficient for the user. It changes

* draw mountain (symbols)
* draw river
* draw 'mountain shading' (grey polygon to be placed behind the symbols
and river), push back until it gets behind the river and all the
mountain symbols


* draw mountain (symbols), group
* draw river
* draw 'mountain shading', push back twice (once for river, once for

That I suddenly jump past the non-overlapping items drawn after the
mountain and river doesn't affect anything else when it comes to
rendering, as far as I can see.

Keith Davies "I think everyone in a 4e D&D world must
keith.davies-at-kjdavies.org have a huuuuuge fear of heights."
keith.davies-at-gmail.com -- Violist, #nethack-ot-dnd IRC channel
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