[nbos] [req] Random symbol fill, polygon
Thu Jun 25th, 2009
Hi Ed,

The random symbol fill is a lovely feature, but it works only when
drawing the symbols in a linear manner. It would be quite useful to be
able to select a polygon and have that polygon filled with the select
symbol (or random set).

This would change

* place a bunch of symbols
* draw a polygon
* move polygon behind symbols


* draw a polygon
* place a bunch of symbols (random symbol fill or by hand)
* adjust polygon and symbols to look good


* draw polygon and select
* select symbol from chooser
* click 'make magic'

It seems a small deal, but considering how often I do this (and how
popular this appears seems to be for others) it'd save a lot of time for
your users.

Keith Davies "I think everyone in a 4e D&D world must
keith.davies-at-kjdavies.org have a huuuuuge fear of heights."
keith.davies-at-gmail.com -- Violist, #nethack-ot-dnd IRC channel
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