[nbos] Feather effect
Thu Jun 25th, 2009
Hi Ed,

One last question tonight. The feather effect (which is another very
nice addition) looks great... but doesn't seem to take into account
narrow gaps in the polygon.

Specifically, I drew a river, then used vector floodfill to create a
polygon (to be used to shade behind a bunch of mountains, FWIW).
Feathered that polygon, but it didn't seem to respect the gap it had in
the original polygon.

At the resolution of my sample image (link below) it looks like the
feathering trims about 75 pixels off the polygon... for most of the
shape. At the river, the feathering leaves only a narrow path. Is this

For reference, the desert areas to the west were done in three pieces
(Y-shaped river junction out of view) using polygon floodfill, then each
was feathered. Much more evident separation from the river, even though
the polygon edges are just as close to the river (and in fact the
northern polygon actually overlaps it).

sample image: http://home.kjdavies.org/feathered.png

Keith Davies "I think everyone in a 4e D&D world must
keith.davies-at-kjdavies.org have a huuuuuge fear of heights."
keith.davies-at-gmail.com -- Violist, #nethack-ot-dnd IRC channel
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