Re: [nbos] [AS] Web Integration?
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jun 16th, 2009
As you can tell, Rob is the tecchie here! I did some Visual Basic
programming a few years ago, comparatively successfully, but I have long
since been overtaken by developments, didn't invest in a copy of .net
and no longer really understand the jargon and internet-based thrust of
modern programming. I suspect I could still write a workable application
for someone's personal use but not something that would fit in with
today's thinking.

Therefore, I think I'll leave this aspect to my more youthful
contemporaries and just enjoy the benefits of their superior knowledge


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Subject: Re: [nbos] [AS] Web Integration?

I'll add in on this, there are several 'browser' based MMO's of scifi
out there and a few that do full 2D animated stuff.. I've seen it done
with SVG actually as well, however more and more are turning away from
straight browser based and leaning towards a client based app.. now you
can if you've looked at .net programming use both WEB and Client based
to produce some very very nifty applications with all the data coming in
from the web and the client acting as the GUI..

Alll this reminds me i really need to sit down and learn how to do
either Open GL or Direct X programming .. all the work i tend to do is
backend stuff not GUI.

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From: David Loman <>
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 2:06 AM
Subject: Re: [nbos] [AS] Web Integration?

I'll throw my $0.02 in here. I am in process of developing a
browser-based Scifi MMO and am using AS2.0 as my data editor. I have
(after many hours work) reversed about 90% of the AS2.0 file format so I
can directly load a .sector file into my game's framework.

In answer to your questions:

A) Um, no. In fact, that question doesn't even make sense, really.
AS2.0 is a win32 executable, so if you are at the Webserver's terminal,
or have a RDC to it, then, sure, it will 'run' on a webserver. If you
mean, "Can it be embedded in a web page and served as a networked
resource?" ...then no.

The only way I have though to accomplish such a thing is to write your
own app in Java using JavaMonkeyEngine (jME) and then use Webstart to
distribute the executable. However, Java is as secure as a child's
piggy bank, so if you are thinking of a pay to play game, Java is NOT
your best choice for the client. Not to mention that talk of coding an
alternative to AS2.0 is probably frowned upon on this mailing list :)

B) Expanding on what I mentioned above, I plan on using a flat
file/database hybrid storage mechanism. The .sector file will be
maintained in its original form since everything in it is static. I
haven't written the classes to do it yet, but I will eventually get
around to being able to write a .sector as well as read from it. This
way I could update galaxies and have them slowly move. Any other data
IO, such as updating of custom fields, would be foolish since disk IO
would then become a game killing bottleneck. That's what DB systems are
for. Anyways, I digress.
The database part of the storage mechanism will contain all the variable
data directly related to player driven game state. Since all objects in
a .sector are keyed with a UUID, making relations from the DB to the
.sector file are easy.

To answer your ultimate question, Yes. It IS possible to use the data
generated by AS2.0, but not AS2.0. Besides, even if you could use
AS2.0, the licensing costs would probably outweigh the cost of 'coding
it yourself.' and would be recurring.

Anyways, there's my $0.02. Take it or leave it, matters not to me :)



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