Re: [nbos] [AS] Web Integration?
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Jun 15th, 2009
No, Dave - I meant to put a smiley after the query marks but clicked the
SEND button too quickly. It was just an indication that, as a
non-tecchie, what you were saying was in a foreign language as far as
I'm concerned - it would be nice if you were able to translate into
plain English because I might just learn something useful but I do
understand that some technical stuff can't be put in plain terms. No
offence intended.


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Pardon what? MMO development is one of my hobbies, part of my career,
and a favorite subject. If that 'Pardon?" of your pertains to any
specific thing, I would love to discuss it! Although, off topic should
be labeled as such or moved to personal emails.

BTW, love your sites. Good stuff.

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