Re: [nbos] [AS] More on generating surface maps
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Dec 5th, 2006
I may have missed one of your earlier postings but, in AS, have you gone
into the Properties menu for the planet and checked the box marked "Use
this surface map instead of the default one" and then click <Select> to
indicate the location of the FT file you want to use.

By the way, you need to use an FT projection that will cover the globe
showing in the AS window when the planet is selected in the System Data
panel. Some projections seem to leave the north and south poles blank.



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Sent: 5 December 2006 03:11
Subject: [nbos] [AS] More on generating surface maps

So I looked in the program help box and checked the Program Preferences
and I was set to use Fractal Terrains for surface map generation.

To test it I went to the directory listed (on another drive) and ran
FT.exe, it ran and there was my surface map. But it never appeared in
Astrosynthesis. Odd.

As a work around, I unchecked the option to use Fractal Terrains and its
working fine, but I still want to know how to get Fractal Terrains
working again.



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