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"Richard K"
Sun Jun 14th, 2009
If this is something like Neverwinter nights, you might have to take an image of the map you create in AS and then hook that into the software. if not, Is this a php driven forum game? or is this something done in say DarkBASIC?

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From: John Denning
Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 4:03 PM
Subject: [nbos] [AS] Web Integration?

I've been looking through the AS documentation and mailing list archives, but perhaps I missed topics focused on the questions I have. I am looking for a 3d navigation/visualization for a web-based (free) multiplayer game that can be hooked into a dynamic database for use by any number of users at a given time (anywhere from 10 to 100). I am very impressed with AS from what I have seen, and it looks great for use on a stand-alone system, but A) can it be used on a web server, and B) can it interact with a database that is constantly changing due to player usage? ie: star/planet locations will not change, but specific custom data fields of those systems and planets will change, as well as point of view references based on which user is viewing it.

Any information on the practical uses of AS for such an environment, or alternatives to such, would be greatly appreciated. I am not technically savvy on the web/database processes involved (I have people), but looking for a more general yes/no this is possible, this is not, this may be a problem, etc.

Thank you for your time, and great product!


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