[nbos] RE; FM8 - Adding to existing map
"Mark Oliva"
Mon Jun 1st, 2009
> From: "Mike Oliver" <mike-oliver-at-supanet.com>

I've tried a couple of methods but neither proved workable. Is this a
procedure that occurs often enough for a standard method to be used or is
there a work-around that anyone could suggest? I need to retain those
features I already put on the map and, as I say, extend it eatwards.

There may be easier and/or better methods of which I'm unaware, but this is
what I've done:

1. Make a copy of the original map file (FMP).
2. Erase all objects that won't be on the new map (to save bytes).
3. Make all objects visible and selectable.
4. Move everything that should be on the new map to the desired position.
5. Begin adding new things as wished.

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