[nbos] [AS] Binary Star Systems
Daniel Williamson
Mon Dec 4th, 2006
I am working on detailing a multiple star system exactly how I want it. In this case I am detailing Xi Scorpii, which has 5 stars. In my setting, A and B orbit each other relatively closely (19AU average separation), while C, D and E are much further out 100's of AU from the system center. In AS, I left A, C, D and E as the default multiple star system arrangement. I set B as a child body of A and entered in my orbital characteristics.

I'm not really satisfied with the results. I'd like to set A and B as child bodies of the center point with several planets also orbiting the center point as child bodies. Any ideas on how I could do this?

Also, the travel calculator does not seem to allow for calculating in-system travel times between a planet and its moons or a moon of one planet to a moon of another planet. Now, when you are working with actual moons its probably acceptable to simply state that planet to planet times are sufficient. But if you are talking about planet around one star in a binary system to planet around another star in the same binary system the distances start to become significant.

I'd love to see more complicated multiple star system capabilities added in the future.



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