Re: [nbos] [FM] Raster Fill Workaround?
NBOS Support
Thu May 21st, 2009

>So what you probably should do is send a technical report to Ed Diana at:
>and make available to him a copy of a map that manifests this problem. If
>the raster fill is not from the FM8 installation package (in other words
>from the CSUAC or elsewhere), you also need to send him a copy of the raster
>fill file (.png or .jpg). He then can try to get to the bottom of the
>problem. Seeing that no one else is reporting it, I suspect that the

Yes, definately - if you're having a problem with the fills, please send me
a complete description of whats going on, and a small sample map to show
the problem.

If this problem is on an object with special effects also applied to it (a
bevel, texture, etc), you might first try switching special effects modes
(Map - Display Quality - Special Effects Low/Med/High in the menu) to force
the program to re-render any special effects on the map.

I was planning on taking a look at any outstanding items/feedback relating
to 8.10f next week. All the to-do items for that build are done, but the
release (8.10f) is still 'open' in the sense that if there's problems
relating to the changes that need to be fixed, I'll certainly attempt to do
so before a final release is made. This build is intended to be the main
mid-release build, and as such I'll be creating both normal updaters and
updating all the installers provided by the retailers once its all finalized.


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