Re: [nbos] [FM] Raster Fill Workaround?
Dustin Evermore
Wed May 20th, 2009

On May 20, 2009, at 2:18 PM, Mark Oliva wrote:

>> From: Dustin Evermore <>
> <<
> Just upgraded to 8.10f and discovered the Raster Fill bug (does not
> work in
> this version). Does anyone know of a workaround?
> I've done about 170 maps with FM8 and 10 in the last few days. They
> have
> raster fills up the snazu and work just fine. What raster fill
> bug? What
> are you talking about?
> <<
> I will see if I can just downgrade for now.
> Oh ... my experiences with FM8 tell me that would be foolish to the
> Nth
> degree!

The problem I've seen on a couple different maps today is that when I
used 8.10f to attempt a raster fill, I got a long vertical bar. I had
assumed this to be true for everyone. However, recognizing that 8.10f
is a beta version of FM8 (if I recall correctly) that gets installed
with the (also beta) Updater program, I then went back to what I
believe the official release executable is -- 8.03d. This version had
no trouble at all with the raster fills so that's what I'm using on
these maps.

Note that 8.10f seems to only be available with the beta updater, so I
presume it's still under development.

8.03d seems to be the latest official release available in NBOS
downloads, and I have so far had no issues whatsoever with this
version -- very solid!


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