Re: [nbos] FM8 Auto-Updater
"Timothy J. Lanza"
Mon May 11th, 2009
On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Mark Oliva <>wrote:

> NOTE: If you use an international version of Windows, the folder
> "Programs"
> might have a different name. Her in Germany it's called "Programme." If
> you use Vista, it probably also has "x86" at the end of the name.

To clarify my earlier post...

64-bit Vista has two "Program Files" directories, one for 32-bit software
and one for 64-bit software. Whatever it's labelled in your language
("Programme" in German, "Archivos de programa" in Spanish), you should see
one with "(x86)" tacked on the end, and one without.

(The localization system on Vista as compared to XP is actually a little
more complicated, but that should clean things up for the laymen among us.)

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