Re: [nbos] Linux, Wine & FM8
"Mike Oliver"
Mon May 11th, 2009
Ed Wrote:


>Did you copy over a gdiplus.dll file into the FM8 directory? It sounds

>like that may be the issue. PNG's should work ok under WINE - I have
>working here under WINE on CentOS 5.


Hi Ed:

I can find nothing in the FM8 directory that looks like gdiplus.dll but
I have to say I'm not an expert at finding my way around the Linux
filing system yet - especially when working with Wine. There is a number
of folders showing up which each contain a "ignore.txt" file that says
"This is to keep the installer happy". This applies to the folders
"Cache" and "Resources" but this seems the same as under Windows.

Have you any idea where I should look for gdiplus.dll? My version of
Linux is Ubuntu (8.10, I think). I've done a search for the file on the
main Ubuntu directory and came up with one called "" and
another called "libdgiplus.def". I suspect the former may be the
relevant one.

Should I copy one of the files to somewhere in the FM8 directory?
Incidentally, I couldn't find this file in my FM8 Windows directory but
it is in AstroSynthesis and FWE 1.6 (although not FWE 1.7) Windows
directories. There doesn't seem to be a problem with FM8 showing the
.bmp & .png symbols on my Windows system.

Something of a mystery. I will check on the Linux forums as to whether
there are any known issues with these files and what I should do to
overcome them; I'll let you know the outcome.



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