Re: [nbos] FM Work on 64-Bit OS
Keith Davies
Thu May 7th, 2009
On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 05:24 +0200, Mark Oliva wrote:
> > "Russ"
> <<
> Hey, folks. Sorry for the question, but does anyone know if FM8 works on a
> 64-bit platform. Thinking about getting a new computer, and really don't
> want to lose my favorite mapping software. :-)
> >>
> When you run FM8 on 64-Bit Vista and you have 8 GB memory, you get all 8 GB.
> If you run 32-bit Windows on the same machine, you get access to only 3.5 GB
> of the 8 GB that the machine has.
> One result is that 64-Bit Vista gives you noticeably more speed. With a
> couple of really huge things that I did, FM8 reported too little memory
> available under 32-bit Windows XP Pro. I can boot either OS on my main
> machine. When I did the same operations under 64-bit Vista, FM8 performed
> them beautifully.
> Conclusion: I've found that without exception Vista 64 is the better OS for
> FM8 with 8 GB memory. I don't like Vista, so FM8 is the only program with
> which I use Vista regularly.

Hi Mark,

have you tried FM8 with XP Pro x64? There is 64-bit XP available. I've
only got 4GB RAM on my workstation, though, so I wouldn't see much of a
difference here.


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