Re: [nbos] [AS]Radio Group
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Tue Nov 7th, 2006
>How does the AddRadioGroup method of DialogWindow work? I cannot see
>any way to associate radio button widgets to a particular group, and
>there is nothing that tells how a script can check which button is

You can read the radio group's 'text' property to see which one is
selected. Each radio button belongs to the radio group it as added to when
you used 'additem'.

>dialog. However, if that is the case, it appears that other 'New
>Star Sector' properties are missing, such as 'System
>Distribution' (Clustered or Even), System Data Generation (stars only

I dont think those are tracked at all by the program after generation.

>Also, for a spherical sector, where is the radius of the sector stored?

It stores it in the SizeX property of the sector.

>I'd like your
>Widget object for AlienAPI to have an 'Enabled' property by which you
>could enable and disable dialog box options. Obviously, to make this

That'd be the main problem - right now there's no facility for assigning
additional scripts to an event. Its something I may play around with in
FM8 (FM8 shares the Astro plugin system).

>Also, I have a question. The Name property of the Sector object-how
>is it used. It always seems blank and there is no user interface to
>set it, or am I missing something?

The name will get output in the sector report, I believe. But otherwise
the filename is used by the program more often than name is.


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