[nbos] Keep bug [Keep]
Charles Sykora
Sat Feb 21st, 2009
I have installed the Keep on my D: drive using Standard install.
Every time I try to make a link to another entry (by using the 'Copy
Link Target' option of the context menu on an item, selecting the item
where I want to place the link and then using 'Paste hyperlink' from
the context menu in the text entry), I get the following error:
"Access violation at address 004047C8 in module 'KeepCM.exe'. Read of
address 00000028." when I try to select any other topic in my
database. Worse, my database is then corrupt and unusable at any
level of entry (getting the same error). When I quit the Keep, I get
"The Keep has stopped working///A problem caused the program to stop
working correctly......"
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