[nbos] New, free raster symbols for settlements
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Feb 8th, 2009
Last year, when we released the free, open Dungeons Daring (TM) role-playing
game, we created a collection of raster symbols for FM8 for use in our maps
in the books. The symbols we created at that time had to be done quickly
because of deadlines. The result was a group of raster symbols with
combined raster and vector content that was - at best - of mediocre quality.
We promised at that time that we would offer an improved version of this
symbol collection as soon as we had more time to devote to symbol
development. That time has come at last.

The Dungeons Daring Collection 2 raster symbols for Fractal Mapper (TM) 8
now are available for free download. This is a collection of 35 buildings
and externals for buildings (such as outhouses, cords of firewood, etc.) in
the best raster quality that we know how to make. You can see a few samples
from the collection on our homepage (see below). We also have added a few
things requested by users, such as a second symbol for Tingl's Mill that
shows it with waterwheel, when it still was in operation.

In addition to better quality versions of the original Dungeons Daring map
symbols, this collection also includes a few samples from the much, much
larger Vintyri (TM) Cartographic Collection No. 1 for FM8 that we plan to
release later this year (also open and free). This will be a truly large
collection of FM8 mapping symbols (hundreds of megabytes). Each of the many
buildings will be offered in four styles:

1. Light-colored beaver tail clay tile.
2. Dark-colored beaver tail clay tile.
3. Slate tile.
4. Wood shingle.

The smaller new Dungeons Daring collection mentioned above includes samples
of all four of these styles.

For those of you who download the new Dungeons Daring symbols, we hope to
hear your comments. We still are developing the larger Vintyri collection,
so the comments that you make now can have an impact on what will be
released in the future.

These symbols are released under the Open Game License 1.0a. All of the
symbols are Open Game Content. For those of you not really familiar with
the OGL, here are the things you are and aren't licensed to do:

1. Except for Section 15 of the OGL, you MAY NOT make ANY use of our
trademarks: Dungeons Daring, Vintyri, Jrgar or Joerdhgardh. These are
Product Identity and are protected under the OGL. If you need to use our
trademarks, contact us regarding a free trademark license.

2. You may use these symbols in any maps you make, regardless of whether
they are for private or public use. You MAY NOT credit these maps in any
way to our trademarks. You need not release your maps, floorplans, dungeon
plans or scenarios under the OGL.

3. You may incorporate the content of our symbols into your own derivative
symbols. If you do so, you MUST release these derivative works as Open Game
Content under the OGL. You MAY NOT declare derivative works as your Product

4. You may redistribute these symbols. You even can charge money for them,
if anyone is foolish enough to buy something that's free. However. If you
distribute these symbols, you MAY NOT use our trademarks. You can call the
collection - for example - Mary Munch's Crunchy Symbol Set, but you MAY NOT
distribute it in connection with the Dungeons Daring trademark. You MUST
release the symbol set under the OGL, and you MUST declare all symbols from
our set or derived from our set as Open Game Content. You MAY NOT claim
them as your Product Identity.

To get the new symbol set, or to see the samples, go to:


Happy weekend,

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)
Internet-Dungeons Daring: http://www.dungeons-daring.org
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