Re: [nbos] vista osproblems with astrosynethesis
NBOS Support
Fri Feb 6th, 2009
At 03:58 PM 2/5/2009, you wrote:
>willnot geerate up star systems over a 10 light year span.starts
>generating and then goes blank

How big are you trying to make the sector? The time it takes is
geometrical... a 20x20x20 sector will take 8 times as long as a 10x10x10
sector. So a 200x200x200 sector will take a long time if you're generating
everything. Combine that with something in the video preventing a screen
update, and it looks like the program isnt responding.

What I'd recommend doing is making a 20x20x20 ly sector and let it
run. Even after the screen goes blank, just let it go. And see if it
eventually comes back to you and displays the map. If if finishes before
the screen goes blank, try a larger one like 40x40x40. But nothing too
large. You just want to confirm its not just failing to refresh and is
indeed still running in the background.

The XP compatibility mode is important to use because Astro stores its
temporary sector file (basically, the sector file before it gets changed)
along side the executable in the Program Files directory. Vista wont
generally let a program write to files there, where as XP was more
lenient. So the XP compatibility mode should allow the program to write to
that directory.

If the above doesnt work, please email me at the support address with more
information about your system and what options you are using when you
generate a system.

btw, you can also attempt to do this:
which may at least get rid of the screen blanking.


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