[nbos] [CSD] Bug in auto_update
Thu Feb 5th, 2009

I started a project of City Sheet and I went into a bug.

I created a Text (num) field "Population".
I created a Text field "CityArea" : its source is "cityArea(Population.Value)".
I wrote a script: "function cityArea(pop) { return ... }"
I tested and it crashed, surely because of the similar objects name. So I
renamed my function "fCityArea" and the "CityArea" field source to

I tested again and it crashed.

My debugger tell my : "unset object" and it displayed the following page of

function auto_updater_3()
return fCityArea(Population.Value);

function auto_updater_4()
return cityArea(Population.Value); <--- STOP POINT HERE: object not set.

function auto_updater_8()
return fTotalArea(Population.Value);

function auto_updater_9()
return Lookup('cityTypes',CityType.Text,'population');

The break shows on the auto_updater_4() function because it calls cityArea
function... But this function does not exist anymore... I saved and restarted
the program but same issue each time. I edited the .csd file but no trace of
this code but only mine. Thus how it is generated? And why it remains when I
changed the sources of Text boxes?



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