[nbos] [OT] d20 monster building (was: NBOS Character Sheet Designer 1.0)
"Robert \"Exile In Paradise\" Murphey"
Tue Feb 3rd, 2009
On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 11:00 -0500, richard leclercq wrote:
> just got it, may be putting it to the test soon.
> does anyone know a good source of information to
> create D20 monsters or equipment?

_A Magical Society: Beast Builder_ by Expeditious
Retreat Press is a pretty thorough, ground up look
at the D20 monster system, and how to scratchbuild
your own. I am not aware of another book quite like
it, out there.

Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey
White dwarf seeks red giant for binary relationship.

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