Re: [nbos] [AS] New System Generation Method?
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Mon Jan 5th, 2009
At 12:35 AM 1/2/2009, you wrote:
>Alternately, what would it take to make a script that would plonk down an
>earthlike world or two in a good chunk of the existing system?

You can do that now in AS2:

Select the system on the map. In the System Data tree, expand it to see
all the planets. Select a planet on the 'outer edge' of where you want
your new Earthlike planet to go. Right click on that planet, and select
'Insert Body -> Planet/Moon -> Earthlike' from the menu. That will place
an Earthlike planet between the selected planet and the planet next closest
to the star. I usually locate the spot for the planet by looking at the
surface temp of the other planets in the system.

What this does is place a planet roughly Earth size w/ an Earth atm and
water at that location. It will still calculate the mean temperature based
on where that planet is relative to the parent star. So you may need to
tweak that after the planet is placed.


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