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"Joe Frazier, Jr."
Thu Jan 1st, 2009

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In case anyone is interested, I am working on a series of png mountain and hill symbols and posting them over on cartographersguild.com under the Creative Commons NC-BY lisense. You are free to use them in any non comercial works as long as you attribute myself as the source. Though I doubt it will happen, if anyone does wish to use these images as part of a commercial piece, please contact me to discuss.

I currently have 3 sets posted, with 5 (mostly the same) copies in different colors, brown, brown with snowcaps, grey, grey with snowcaps, and full snowy. All were created in GIMP at 300 x300 px resolution at 300 pixels per inch for high resolution. My goal is to end up having about 10 sets of mountains (with 5 each set) and 5 sets of hills(which I have not started on yet.)

Not sure how much interest there is, but if anyone ever wishes to draw such mountains in GIMP, PS or some similar application, I also have a tutorial for how I drew them as a large group of connected mountains/hills as a single "object", also hosted at cartographersguild.com.

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Interesting approach. If anyone has problems selecting the white background
in PSP (I always have difficulty using the magic wand for some reason) you
can achieve a similar thing by setting the transparent colour in the palette
to the background colour - which is white.

By the way, I have PSP 8 - I haven't tried it yet but, from experience, I
think it will work in the earlier version. I was also lucky enough to
benefit from the Bryce free download a while back but, for those who don't
have Bryce, that's only relevant if you're creating the mountains that way;
the tutorial is relevant for anything you want to turn into a symbol where
you can produce the screenshot with a single colour background that is
substantially different from the image colours.

As I say, I haven't actually tried any of this yet but common sense says it
will work.



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