Re: [nbos] file format of FWE files
ian douglas
Mon Dec 22nd, 2008
ian douglas wrote:
> From what I can tell, on a 1024x1024 map, the file size allows for 16
> bytes per pixel on the map, plus 143 bytes of other data, but I was
> hoping someone could help figure out the actual data points of the file.

What I've been able to discern so far:

The first 130 bytes are some sort of header information, and the
remainder of the file decodes as:

0x000083 - 0x400082 = elevation data
0x400083 - 0x800082 = precipitation data
0x800083 - 0xc00082 = temperature data
0xc00083 - 0x1000082 = atmosphere data

The elevation data is a little tricky to decode. The first coordinate on
my map (0,0) had an elevation of -281, but the hex string in the file
was 0x1492ffff -- rearranging to the proper endian, and finding the
negative value by subtracting 0xffffffff, I see a value of -28139. The
only conclusion I can come up with is that the fractal math is keeping
two significant digits and multiplying the final value by 100 to store
as an integer within the .fwe file.

If anyone else has any information they can share on the .fwe file
format, I'd appreciate hearing it.


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