[nbos] file format of FWE files
ian douglas
Mon Dec 22nd, 2008
Hi everyone,

In preparation for a web-based RPG, I tried out the Fractal World
Explorer software tonight and generated a map. Incredible software!

Here's the thing: I'd really like to be able to parse the .fwe file I
generated and I'm curious if NBOS can share what the actual format of
the file is. I'd love to tell my travelers what the elevation,
precipitation and temperature are in their current position, as I will
also be basing my monster database against the temp/elev data. That is,
players won't find many ice dragons where the temperature is over 0C and
they'll only find cliff spiders when the elevation is over 500 feet,
that sort of thing.

From what I can tell, on a 1024x1024 map, the file size allows for 16
bytes per pixel on the map, plus 143 bytes of other data, but I was
hoping someone could help figure out the actual data points of the file.


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