Re: [nbos] [AS2] Updated Stellar Data?
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Dec 1st, 2008
Depending on the data you're seeking, you might get what you want (and
more!) by downloading the free Cartes du Ciel astronomy programme at: It provides facilities to then download
a large number of stellar catalogues, including Hipparcos, and produce an
accurate "sky-at-night" display, providing stellar data on a mouse click.
The software will allow the user to pick a star in a variety of ways and
consult one or more catalogues for data. It's also quite pretty to look at.


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Subject: [nbos] [AS2] Updated Stellar Data?

I am looking for the best place that I can get stellar data, including data
on multiples that I can put into AS2.

The various files on the NBOS resource site are getting long in the tooth
and they did not include multiple stars in their import, treating the system
as a single star.

best regards


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