[nbos] [FM] Problem with large landmasses versus smaller ones.
Sun Nov 30th, 2008
Thanks for the reply Christopher. I am already aware that jaggedness of
fractal landmasses is determined by the distance between the nodes (actually
from what I can tell, the determining factor is the single shortest
node-node distance. Because of this feature I placed some equally spaced
dots around my coastline (background bitmap) to ensure that the node-node
spacing for both islands was the same. It still all results in the
continental landmass being a lot smoother than the islands. When I export
and image to compare the coastlines, the islands appear to have a thicker
coastline due to all the added side-to-side (perpendicular) variation. I
hope this makes sense. It's just that I'd really like to get this sorted

Thanks again,



Christopher wrote;

Hi Michael,

If I understand your issue correctly, I think I can point you in the
direction of a solution.

As I understand it (and maybe Ed can jump in if I get this wrong) the
fractal factor seems to be setting how many 'random' points will be
added to the path drawn between two manually created nodes. So, if you
have a fractal line set to a fractal factor of, say, 4, and then you
grab one of the nodes and move it far away from the other nodes, what
you'll see is the fractal line between the nodes 'stretching' out
without changing the shape of the fractal line at all. The stretched
line will seem much less detailed than it used to, but only because
the jaggies created by the fractalisation have been stretched apart as

Put another way, to get the same 'roughness' of a coastline, the key
is have roughly the same distance between the nodes you create. An
island created from 50 nodes and a continent created from 300 (both
set to the same fractal factor) will look to have exactly the same
level of fractal detail *if* the spacing between the nodes is the same
on both the continent and the island. OTOH, if you drew the island
with the nodes about 10 miles apart, but then drew the continent with
the nodes spaced about 30 miles apart, then the continent is going to
look to have only about 1/3 the level of coastal 'detail' as the island.

Does this make sense? And does it help you with the problem?


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