[nbos] [FM] Problem with large landmasses versus smaller ones.
Sat Nov 29th, 2008
Hi everybody,

Recently I've been trying out the demo for FM8 to determine if it can do
what I want. It would appear that it cannot, and I'm not sure why (it looks
like it should work). What I have been attempting is to is use Fractal
Polygons to create both large (continental) and small (island) landmasses.
I have come across an issue where the fractal nature of the coastlines seems
to change scale depending on the size of the landmass in question. For
example I'll create an island with say 50 nodes and it looks fine, then I'll
do a neighbouring continent with over 300 nodes (In the creation I reach a
node limit so I then have to manually add nodes which is no big issue as
such) and the coastline seems to be a lot less detailed even though they
both have the same fractal factor.

Is there some way to fix this or force it to work correctly?

Thanks in Advance,


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