Re: [nbos] [FM] To many nodes?
"~~Richard K~~"
Sat Nov 8th, 2008
The best way (in my experience) with tracing over a bitmap, is working on
one level and creating the landmass portion-by-portion and them merging the
masses together (as you go) with Actions: "Combine polygons" (add). This
also allows you to work around inland seas (if you dont want to trace out a
sea poly landmass)
I tend to overlap each mass; and even though "Combine Polys" technically
doesnt merge them as a single object, they will act like a single object (so
you can alsways opt to break them apart and re-adjust things or redraw a
landmass portion).
Hope this helps.
~~Richard K~~

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Subject: [nbos] [FM] To many nodes?

> Hi -at-ll,
> i don't know exactly what my mistake is. I imported a bitmap to a
> continent
> map an wanted to draw a freehand landmass based on the outline of this
> bitmap but at some place my line ended and finished with an ugly map with
> only one part correct (the part where I drew the line).
> Is this a question of nodes? I don't know. Who can tell me?
> stordyr
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