Re: [nbos] Public Beta - Character Sheet Designer
Wed Oct 8th, 2008
Hi Ed,

Some immediate observations.

I'm playing with the one-page sheet. I've noticed you can't use the
arrow keys to move around a selected field.

I was placing checkboxes next to the skill names to signify Class
skills, and the boxes seem to want to size themselves, no matter how
large or small I make them. So I started copying and pasting. All but
one kept the same size, but one would ALWAYS go slightly bigger than the

I read through the Field Source help text, but am not seeing if there is
a way to have some conditional logic there. Say in the case of the class
and cross class skills, ranks will cost more for cross class. So my
thinking was using a checkbox and then doing something like:

if checkbox.value=true: Tot.value = mod.value + misc.value +

You get the idea.

On the toolbar there's an icon to the right of the Image Select Field
icon, but I don't know what it is, no tooltip text shows up for it.

What sort of export options were you anticipating? Would love to see an
XML export options for compatibility with other apps.



NBOS Support wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've placed a public beta of the NBOS Character Sheet Designer and
> Viewer on nox:
> It, um, lets you design character sheets and view them ;-)
> Anyways, everyone's welcome to try it out. Also, if you know of
> people who might be interested in this sort of thing, feel free to
> point them to that link.
> Thanks!
> Ed
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