Re: [nbos] How is the font menu generated?
NBOS Support
Tue Sep 30th, 2008

That looks really good under wine. Some of the earlier versions had more
display problems, but that looks extremely close to the windows version.

That list is built using EnumFonts()

Using the screen DC (0) as the base dc,
null for the 2nd parm,
and then pointers to callback function that handles the enumeration and to
an array that stores the font names.


At 02:00 PM 9/29/2008, you wrote:
>One little odd detail when running Fractal Mapper under Wine is that
>the font menu repeats the same font many times. See
> for an example.
>What functions/methods are used to create this menu? I.e. what Wine
>functionality should I try to understand in order to debug this?
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